Spraying Cops with Breast Milk?


 www.barstoolsports.com (Boston)

NYDailynews – An Ohio woman attempted to fight off police trying to remove her from her car by spraying them with her breast milk, authorities said. Stephanie Robinette got into a fight with her husband while attending a wedding at the Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center in the city of Delaware on Saturday, WBNS 10 News reported. Her husband told police his 30-year-old wife struck him several times, then locked herself in their vehicle. “When deputies attempted to remove Robinette from the vehicle, she advised the deputies that she was a breast-feeding mother,” said Sheriff Walter L. Davis III. As deputies went to restrain her, he said, Robinette “proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying deputies and the vehicle with her breast milk.”


I got to be honest. When I first heard about this story I figured she sprayed the cops with a bottle. Not that she was using her tits like a machine gun. Kind of a power move by this bitch right? Like way more intimidating to have milk flying at you directly from the boob as opposed to just a baby bottle. Either way is getting hit with breast milk gross? Does it like melt your skin? Or does it taste good? I don’t even know? Regardless there is only one way for the cops to handle this shit. They need to lap that shit up like it’s fucking sweet honey nectar. Just wipe it on their finger and then suck it down and stare at her right in the eyes while they do it. Total game changer. Puts this slut on the defensive. Like now what? You hit me with your best shot and I got hard. Your move….


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