So Ugly, You’re Hot?

I have this argument all the time with my buddies and everyone disagrees with me but I know I’m right. There are some women out there…that are so damn ugly, that they’re actually hot. Don’t understand? Let me give a few examples: 1.) Sarah Jessica Parker.  This broad is so terribly heinous to look at, that it actually turns me on. 2) Cameron Diaz.  Cameron Diaz looks like a wide mouth bass ,all shes missing is the hook in her lower lip.  However, for some odd reason, I’m attracted to her.  3) Uma Thurman.  In reality Uma Thurman looks like some sort of space alien.  I’ve hooked up with hotter girls than her.  But to illustrate my original point, she’s so ugly, she’s hot.  It’s the same reason why former President Bill Clinton picked a chubby Jewish intern to blow his saxophone instead of the millions of hotter, more appealing women at his disposal.  It’s kind of like golf.  Sometimes you hit the ball of the tee so far left or right that it’s in another fairway and you have a wide open shot to the pin. “It’s so bad, that it’s good.”

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