RB Stabbed before Graduation?

Isayah Muller (l.) died in a parking lot altercation that police say his father (l.) started.

Nineteen-year old Isayah Muller of Truman High School in New York City died from stab wounds he received merely hours after graduating from high school. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Muller and his family were leaving his commencement ceremony and on their way to dinner when Muller’s father, Andre Muller, got into a fight with a couple of parking attendants whom his father believed stole some items from the family’s car.

The joyous family had left the commencement at Lehman College around 4 p.m. to head to a celebratory dinner at City Island, cops said.  But after they pulled out of the Jerome Ave. parking lot, the elder Muller noticed some “expensive fragrances missing from the car,” a source said.  He then turned around and drove back to the lot to confront the attendants about the missing cologne, which he had bought as a graduation gift for his son, cops said.  Once back at the M.T. Jerome Town Corp. lot, a furious fight erupted and quickly turned violent as two attendants pulled out knives on the unarmed Mullers, relatives said
“Neither of them were armed,” said Myrna Valentin, 54, Muller’s grandmother. “[Andre] picked up a shovel and snapped one of them with it and broke his arm.”  Isayah Muller was stabbed twice in the fracas – once in his side and once in his chest – as his horrified mother, Rosa, and his girlfriend looked on.

Muller was then put into the car by his family and taken to a clinic ten blocks away before being transported to St. Barnabas Hospital. He died there from his wounds, as his heart was pierced when Muller was stabbed in the chest. In a cruel twist, Andre Muller has been charged with assault and possession of a weapon. The parking lot attendants were still being held for questioning.

Once news of Muller’s death spread Tuesday night, some teammates and friends, including quarterbacks Xavier Hamilton and Jose Taveras, organized a vigil through Facebook. Most of the graduated seniors at Truman went to school to pick up their diplomas then to the football field to remember a friend. Muller was headed to Nassau Community College in the fall.

“Half of my highlight film is because of him,” Hamilton said.   He heard the news while in a movie theater last night.  “It sunk in right away,” Hamilton said. “I know the kind of person that he is. I’m sure he stuck up for his family members in that situation. It’s a shame in had to go like that, but that’s the way that Isayah would go out.”

I’m not trying to make light of this story, but what the fuck?  So the scumbag parking attendant steals a bottle of cologne that you bought for your son.  You’re pissed off, I get that.  But breaking the dude’s arm with a shovel is a little extreme.  What’s even more extreme is the parking lot attendant stabbing this guys son in the chest during the fight.  Jesus.

Like what planet are these people from?  And how about Isayah’s friend saying “that’s the way Isayah would want to go out.”  I beg to differ.  Nobody would want to go out by getting stabbed in the chest by a parking lot attendant with a homemade shank in the midst of a parking lot brawl after his ex-con father completely overreacted and pummeled somebody with a shovel after they stole a bottle of cologne from his car.

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