Deatchmatch? (WARNING Graphic Footage)

I honestly don’t know if there is any amount of money that you could pay me to entice me to participate in the deathmatch. But Madchuck, what the hell is a deathmatch? A deathmatch is like a regular wrestling match except the wrestlers beat each other half to death with baseball bats wrapped in barbed-wire, light-tubes, weed-whackers, staples guns and whatever else they can get their hands on.  The weapons are provided by the fans prior to the show.   Sometimes the weapons will be in the ring before the match starts, although occasionally weapons will be handed to the wrestlers during the action.  However, the deathmatch is not to be confused with the Taipei Deathmatch. A Taipei Deathmatch is a match where the wrestlers’ fists are taped and dipped into glue and in broken and crushed glass, allowing shards to stick to their fists. The fact that there’s a name for that is insane. Like who fucking thinks of that shit?

The deathmatch is over when a wrestler is pinned, taps out or is rendered unconscious. What I don’t get is the fact that these dudes can’t get paid that much money for this. Maybe $200-$400 tops. So they probably have regular jobs. Like how the fuck do you show up to work on Monday with 20 stiches in your forehead and a chunk of your back missing?

What the fuck would possess someone to do something like this? Like do they just get off on the pain? Or do they think that someone from the WWE is going to see them getting smashed over the head with a light-tube in front of 15 screaming fans and be like “we need to offer that guy a contract.” Either way, this shit is fucking nuts.

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