Jesus is Back?


Daily Mail — A pole has attracted attention in the last week or so from people who say the kudzu clinging to it resembles the image of Jesus.  Some believers say the vine-covered pole which resembles Jesus on the cross, is a sign God is watching over the North Carolina region. Kent Hardison who passes the pole every day on his way to work originally wanted to spray the vine with Roundup herbicide.  But then he had second thoughts, ‘I glanced at it, and it looks like Jesus,’ Mr Hardison said.  ‘I thought, ‘You can’t spray Jesus with Roundup.’ Believers have reported seeing the face of Jesus in everything from sheet metal to a grilled cheese sandwich, but the depiction of the crucifixion is a rarer phenomenon. ‘I just thought it was my imagination,’ Mr Hardison said ‘I thought I was crazy the first time I saw it and it resembled Jesus.’

Listen I’m not one of these religious freaks but it’s kind of tough to argue with this one.  That’s Jesus.  Not sure why after 2,000 years he would come back to a North Carolina telephone pole of all places?  Must be hot as hell.  Look at him, he’s getting crucified up there.   Always figured it would be someplace cooler like the Bahamas or something.    North Carolina in the summer?   Are you kidding me?  That’s worse than Jerusalem any day of the week.


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