Teacher Sex Scandal?


Daily Mail — The next, in a long line of dirty female teacher stories as of late: a married elementary school teacher who took advantage of a young boy. Gina Leigh Sabin, 41, a former fifth-grade teacher pleaded guilty yesterday after she gave oral sex to a young boy in Georgia.  The cheerleading coach performed oral sex on the boy twice in June 2009, according to Bartow County Sheriff’s Office investigators. Mrs Sabin was married to Paul Sabin, a school principal at Woodland High where she coached cheer leading. Mrs Sabin, who taught gifted children at Cloverleaf Elementary School, pleaded guilty to two counts of felony sexual battery after negotiating a deal with prosecutors.

Wait a minute, she was the cheerleading coach, married to the principal and blew the kid?   Takes the pen right out of Vivid Video’s hand.  Screenwriters over there must be like hey, just cut and paste!   Plus if she’s blowing kids not once but twice and she’s married to the principal, I wonder what the rest of the staff is up to at Woodland High. There must be a line of kids waiting at the teacher’s lounge a mile long.   Woodland High’s going to be the only school in the country where the kids are pissed at graduation.  Welcome to real world kid.   You gotta pay for blowjobs now.


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