Most Ridiculous WWE Storyline Ever (The Katie Vick Incident)

Quite possibly the most disturbing storyline in WWE history is the Katie Vick angle. The incident was a storyline betwwen HHH and Kane. The storline says that Kane and is girlfriend (Katie vick) were involved in a car accident after Kane was driving the car drunk. Katie Vick died as a result of the crash. Triple H, being the gentleman that he is, believed that the best course of action would be to constantly call Kane a murderer. Oh but it didn’t stop there. Triple H proceeded to have sex with Katie’s “body” wearing Kane’s mask.

Real good job WWE, introducing a necrophelia storyline? Seriously, what kind of twisted fuck came up with this? I’m going to assume that the WWE has a staff of writers. So you mean to tell me that not one of the writers objected to this storyline? Not one dude in the boardroom was like “you know what Vince, instead of having Triple H rape a corpse tonight on RAW, how about a Triple Threat Match.” How do you get so many people to co-sign on this?


2 Responses to “Most Ridiculous WWE Storyline Ever (The Katie Vick Incident)”

  1. michele Says:

    I am continuosly amazed at the storylines and the crap coming out into the ring. I just want to watch wrestling and so does my 8 year old son. Thank god for record and fastfoward buttons.

  2. Jagadeeshwari Mani Says:

    hhh ra….. a dead corpse 😦 thats sick, they should not allow this storyline is sports-entertainment..

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