Worst Jeapordy Player Ever?


Love Trebek here: “Oooh darn.” 

 Oooh darn is right. Are you kidding me with that piss-poor effort Neil? Brooke and Emma are whooping your chubby brown ass all over that studio. Where’s your poise? Where’s your confidence? Where’s your super-brilliant Indian family home-schooled education? TOMBSTONE, buddy. I bet if Trebek said something about store-bought frozen pizza you would have answered correctly.

And where were you going with the “Can I have…”? What? You want a hint? You wanna phone a friend? You want a running start from your Bengal Tiger mom after the show so she doesn’t beat you into the next reincarnation for embarrassing the Patel family name? No such luck, Neil. You’ve earned a lifetime of shame today.

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