Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child?

To see is to believe. This is an Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child Picture Post.  I hope that Hello Magazine paid Mildred Baena a good sum of money for the interview and picture.  I’m not quite sure how Arnie kept this a secret for so long.  I mean that kid looks EXACTLY like him.  He’s all big and shit.  I mean homeboy looks like the hispanic Terminator.

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m really not, but how did Arnold stick his dick in that Mildred lady?  I mean you’re fucking Arnold Schwarzennegger, you could have any chick you want.  So you choose a 50 year old cleaning lady that looks like a mix between George Lopez and a melted candle?  Jesus bro.  Sure, Maria Shriver looks like Skeletor nowadays, but Arnold could’ve at least got a waitress from Hooters or something.  Tiger Woods was slamming supermodels, dime-pieces and pornstars.  You’re telling me this is the best that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the fucking Terminator himself, could come up with?  Even Bill Clinton got better trim than that.

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