Rabbi Avraham Does Prostitutes?



NY PostA prominent Long Island Jewish leader was caught with his dreidel out in a string of sordid sex tapes, according to sensational Manhattan court records. Rabbi Avraham Rabinowich — who leads the wealthy, Conservative Bellmore Jewish Center and is vice president of the Long Island Board of Rabbis — allegedly made appointments with prostitutes on the Sabbath shortly after services. He was then caught on camera in a hotel room enjoying some hard-core, commandment-breaking action, according to blockbuster court papers filed in state Supreme Court in Manhattan. The holy man’s estranged wife, Amora, a respected psychologist, got wind of the tawdry tricks while they were going through a bitter custody battle, she said. She managed to have Rabinowich secretly filmed with a call girl and entered the photographic evidence into the record of the bitter custody case. “Since when are prostitutes kosher?” Amora Rabinowich told The Post. “He was coming to court claiming he was this pious individual, but he was using the phone on the Sabbath to meet prostitutes. “And what kind of rabbi is he? He didn’t even take these prostitutes to the mikvah [Jewish ritual cleansing bath] first. “What is he doing, praying or laying?” Rabbi Rabinowich responded to the shocking claims by saying only, “I have no response. Have a nice day.” His lawyer, Jeffrey Lewisohn, called the wife’s discovery a “setup” and downplayed the matter, saying, “It doesn’t matter, this was five or six years ago.” Malcolm Taub, a former lawyer for the rabbi, blasted Amora, saying, “This is a very sick woman . . . This man has gone through hell with this woman.” According to papers filed by Amora, the rabbi wound up arranging a romp through a madam who really was one of his wife’s private eyes. “I am tall and nice-looking, don’t worry, I’m OK,” Rabinowich allegedly told the investigator at one point. He was eventually filmed with the hooker at the low-rent Pam Am Hotel in Queens on March 18, 2006, the court papers claimed. A second woman in the photo was the private eye, Amora Rabinowich said.

Shana Tovah you kinky motherfucker! Rabbi Avraham GETTING IT IN. Its not every day you see a man of the cloth get his dick sucked by a hooker on camera. I mean say what you want about my Catholic priests and their kid touching but I can’t remember a time where Father was filmed getting double teamed by some Puerto Rican streetwalkers in Queens.

I love these Jews who are still worried about whether these skanks were properly cleansed and kosher. We’re not talking about some Hebrew National hot dog here. We’re talking about 2 real life whores who fuck and do drugs for money. I don’t care if they’ve been blessed by a Rabbi and bathed in the waters of the river Jordan, whores are whores. Wonder if he got gangbanged by these 2 broads on Shabbos too. Saturday is Shabbos, the Jewish day of rest. That means that Avraham Rabinowich doesn’t work, he doesn’t drive a car, he doesn’t fucking ride in a car, he doesn’t handle money, he doesn’t turn on the oven, and sure as shit doesn’t fuck 2 dick sucking prostitutes!


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