Homerun Derby Madness?


www.barstoolsports.com (Boston)

(ESPN) – Again highlighting the dangers of trying to catch a ball at a big league ballpark, a fan standing on a table above the pool deck, Keith Carmickle of suburban Kingman, fell over trying to catch a Prince Fielder homer. The fan was grabbed by his brother before going all the way over, where he could have fallen about 20 feet. Carmickle was dangling when he was pulled back up. “I stepped up on the table, I missed the ball by 2 or 3 feet and went over,” he said. “We caught three balls and I told the guys I was going to go for the cycle. Dude, they were really holding onto me.” Last week, a 39-year-old fan, Shannon Stone, died while trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands at a Rangers game in Arlington, Texas. Carmickle’s brother grabbed his arms and Aaron Nelson of Chandler held his legs. “He wasn’t going down, I was holding on,” Nelson said. Carmickle said he wasn’t worried while he was dangling. “I bench-press 500 pounds, and I wasn’t going down,” he said.

Obviously I’m not even going to talk about Shannon Stone in Texas because that was an absolute tragedy and makes the room dusty when I think about it. Nothing to joke about. But this asshole right here? The fucking guy in cargo, plaid shorts, taking off his shoes for traction and jumping on top of a table to catch his fourth ball of the home run derby? Unfortunately, he lived. So he’s fair game. You have to be some kind of asshole to go diving for home runs at any period in time, but especially at the home run derby. You see people last night? Celebrating like it was some kind of milestone. Hey, over 100 fucking balls went into the stands last night. Get over it. Keith Carmickle just had to get that 4th one though, so he could “get the cycle.” How he even got the first three are beyond me. He missed by 2 or 3 feet on the 4th one? Was he even in the same stadium? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody miss a pop fly by 2 or 3 feet. Even in t-ball kids at least get hit in the face, or base of the glove. No one misses a ball by 2 fucking feet. That will land you on SportsCenter Not Top 10 faster than you can say “I got it, I got it, I don’t got it.”

PS – He bench presses 500 pounds? Never mind that it’s bullshit, but what the fuck does it have to do with anything? Bro you’re doing a pull-up, legitimately no chest action there at all. I don’t get why he snuck that in there. Fuck this guy is an asshole.


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