Should this Girl be on the Cheerleading Squad?

Omaha – Julia Sullivan wants to be a cheerleader. She likes to dance. She wants to get people excited for games. She has friends on the cheerleading squad. “I just think it would be fun,” the 16-year-old said. So she’s practiced. Her older sister, a former cheerleader, helped her figure out ways she could cheer from her wheelchair. Julia, who’ll be a junior at Aurora High School this fall, was born without legs and with arms that stop short of her elbows. This spring, for the third time, she tried out to be a cheerleader. For the third time, she didn’t made the squad. Last month, she and her parents, Mike and Carolyn Sullivan, asked the Aurora school board to correct what they see as “scoring errors” in her tryout evaluations this spring, saying she was given no accommodation for her disability. Their attorney cited the Americans With Disabilities Act and other federal laws that prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities. They also asked the board to adopt policies specifying that such discrimination won’t be tolerated and that the district will make accommodations to avoid it. On Monday, the board declined to take up the matter after meeting in closed session. Mike Sullivan said the family didn’t know in past years how the cheerleading tryouts were scored. After this spring’s tryouts, they asked. In the performance portionJulia received her lowest score in the jumps/kicks category and her highest marks in the communication skills and enthusiasm/spirit categories. She took dance lessons for 10 years, sitting on the floor, placing shoes on her arms and tapping out rhythms on the floor. For cheerleading, she sits in her wheelchair to spin and dance.

Listen folks. This is an open and shut case. Does Julia Sullivan meet the most basic requirement to be on a legitimate cheerleading squad? Ask yourself that question, answer that question honestly, and you’ll have your answer.

No. The quarterback of the football team would not want to fuck Julia Sullivan.

Tryouts over.

Sorry Julia.

Doesn’t matter how enthusiastic you are or how well you communicate, if you wear shoes on your arm nubs, you aren’t cheer squad material. 


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