Babysitter Sex?

Clinton, Conn. (WTNH)Police in Clinton have arrested a woman after she allegedly had a sexual relationship with a boy she was babysitting.  19-year old Loni Bouchard, of Clinton, has been charged with second degree sexual assault. Police say the victim is 14. Bouchard surrendered to police on Tuesday. She was released on a promise to appear and is due in court July 29.

Damn Homie.  This kid is lucky as shit.  He’s going to be the coolest 14 year old in Clinton.  I wish I had a cute 19 year old babysitter that I could fuck.  I say let Loni Bouchard go.  Something about her just says that she’s wild in the sack.  And I love how it says she “surrendered” to police.  Get the fuck out of here. Who is she “Billy the Kid”?   Relax Clinton.


2 Responses to “Babysitter Sex?”

  1. Skylar Says:

    Loni Bouchard was never hired as a babysitter at all. She and the mom were the best of friends and Loni didn’t give anyone alcohol. The 14 year old is 6 foot and plays daddy while the mom and dad go out and party. The parents are effed up. Loni’s 5’4 and 120 lbs. Wtf? The mom knew about it and she let them sleep together and shit. She thought they were cute. She’s an asshole

  2. Skylar Says:

    plus loni watched the kids when shannon was working so the kids wouldn’t get taken away. Loni doesn’t drink nor smoke…, this makes no sense. The mom snorted a drug in the bathroom, partied and slutted around and violated a restraining order against her husband. Who’s the good person now?

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