Worst Father Ever?

UKA long-lost father and daughter are both facing jail after being reunited on the internet and starting an illicit sexual affair ‘as boyfriend and girlfriend’. Office worker Nicola Yates, 26, tracked down her real father Andrew Butler, 46, through the family tracing website Genes Reunited. The pair discovered they had been living just streets apart in Birmingham for years and got together after two decades apart.  But it was claimed that when they met again for the first time, Yates, who was 20 at the time, enjoyed a ‘highly charged, emotional reunion’ with her father… Relatives were later horrified to discover the young woman and Butler had become illicit lovers…. Incredibly, the couple had admitted the same charge four years ago and were both punished for the offence – but reignited their affair for a second time afterwards… It is now known that the daughter and father were secretly living together. Around the same time fun-loving Yates updated her social networking sites, revealing a string of intimate facts about herself including that her favourite pastime was ‘sex, sex, and more sex’.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and judge.  No, wait.  That’s precisely what I’m going to do.  If your life’s goal was to bring a kid into the world and then screw her up mentally beyond all recognition, I don’t think you can do a better job of it than Mr. Butler.  The Abandonment, Reunion, Incest, Public Humiliation, More Incest playbook should go right to the Bad Parent Hall of Fame.  Even Casey Anthony is looking at this guy and saying “Hey, I just killed my toddler and got my swerve on for a few weeks.  I’m not THIS bad.”

On another note, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that this is far from over with these two?   Once you’ve banged your own Kathy Griffin-looking daughter- then did it again- there’s no having a normal relationship ever again, right?  I mean, they don’t have Father-Daughter Sex 12 Step programs or anything.  Once you go dad, you never go back I assume.  I’m making the call right now that a year from now we read about Nicola being pregnant.  Which would make her her own baby’s half-sister and Butler his own kid’s grandfather.  Which on the one hand would be the sickest thing ever.  But on the other, would probably be the highest rated show on TLC.


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