Ugliest Prostitutes Ever?


HUNTSVILLE, Alabama After receiving numerous complaints from citizens, Huntsville police conducted an undercover prostitution sting over the weekend resulting in nine women being arrested, police said. The sting happened on Friday, but police released the information Monday citing an ongoing investigation between police and concerned neighbors, said Huntsville police spokesman Harry Hobbs.


Holy mother of god!   Without a shadow of a doubt this is the grossest collection not only of hookers, not only of women, but of living creatures I’ve ever seen in my life.   Like if I were defending these bitches in court my entire argument would be as follows.   “Ladies and gentleman of the jury.   Look at these faces.  Look at them!  Are we really to believe that somebody paid money to sleep with these…with these….with these atrocities of nature?  Case closed.”

Anyway now onto the fun part.  You had to know this question was coming.  Gun to head what order do you sleep with these things?  Probably the toughest question in the history of the stool.   Like you don’t really appreciate just how vile these creatures are until you study them up close trying to figure out which one you’d want to stick your dick in less.  Then this shit becomes real.


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