Amy Winehouse Dies?

LONDON- Police say Amy Winehouse, the troubled diva who had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, has been found dead at her home in London.  Police confirmed that a 27-year-old female was pronounced dead at the home in Camden Square northern London.  Police said the cause of death was not immediately clear.

C’mon, like we all didn’t see this one coming.  “Cause of her death was not immediatley clear”?  Look, I’m not trying to be an asshole here but let’s call a spade a spade.  I’ll bet all the money in my checking account that she died of a drug overdose.  I mean, just look at her, she was a mess.  I like to get fucked up just as much as the next person, but once you whip out the crack pipe, I’m not fucking with you anymore.  Maybe she should’ve said “yes” “yes” “yes” to Rehab.

It’s sad because she was young and talented.  It’s horrible what drugs did to this little girl:


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