Stealing an Ambulance?


Daily NewsA stoned thief in Arizona carjacked an ambulance parked outside a house fire and staged a pre-dawn demolition derby, crashing into cars, signs, fences – and at least one home. Police said Travis Ward, 28, boosted the empty emergency vehicle around 4 a.m. Sunday while nearly a dozen cops and firefighters battled to save lives from a raging blaze at a home in west Phoenix.  Rescue crews had left the engine running in order to keep the vehicle cool for any burn victims they managed to pull from the blaze, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson told the Arizona Republic.  Ward drove for several blocks, tearing up people’s lawns and smashing into a stop sign, a brick wall and several parked cars, cops said.  The terrifying joyride came to an end after Ward plowed into a house a few blocks from the fire, officials said.  No one was hurt in early morning mayhem, cops said.  Ward was arrested and charged with theft and criminal damage. Cops said he admitted to smoking marijuana before the crash-course caper.

Well who wants to play “find the asshole in this picture”?   Congratulations, you win!   Hey surprise, surprise.  Typical Arizona.  Guy’s probably not even a legal U.S. citizen. Look at this motherfucker, he probably hopped the fence from Mexico.  Way to go border control, keep up the good work.   Smoking marijuana?  What are you kidding?  I don’t mean to sound insensitive here, but the only person who was more fucked up than this guy over the weekend was Amy Winehouse.   This guy was on some serious shit.   Last time I smoked that much pot I stared at a fireplace for 6 fucking hours.  At no point did I want to steal the ambulance parked outside across the street and crash into a stop sign, a brick wall and into the neighbor’s front lawn.  Oh he was smoking something, but it wasn’t fucking weed.   PS – Is West Phoenix anywhere near Yuma?   Lucky for him he didn’t pull this shit near the Canseco household because Jose and Ozzie would’ve kicked his ass.


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