Why Didn’t Rocky Throw in the Towel?

When Apollo Creed fought Drago in 4, why did Rocky just stand there while his best friend was getting pummeled in the face?  I know what you’re thinking. “Didn’t Apollo tell Rocky he’d kill him if he threw in the towel?”  Yeah, he said that, but I’m sure he didn’t want Rocky, who he thought was his friend, to let him die in the ring in front of his wife christ sake.

 It was a fucking exhibition bout! It wasn’t for a title or even for a better record. It was spring training. Apollo was long retired at this point, he couldn’t expect to just mosey on in there and beat the best in the sport after years of ring rust. You can’t just let him go toe to toe against a goon, not jab, not parry, not side step his opponent for an exhibition match even if he would get “embarrassed.”

This also begs the question, where the hell was the ref during all of this? I want that mans license suspended. Rocky get’s a bit of a pass since he was never a trainer. Mick would never have let this happen, but Rock was a brain dead pug that didn’t know how to jab. You can’t expect him to give advice in the corner.

The ref on the other hand should never have let it go to that fateful round. Apollo was a mess. It should have been what all exhibition bouts are, a sparring session without headgear.

I don’t blame Drago for any of this, his job is to keep punching until the ref says to stop or the bell rings. Like Drago said, “If he dies, he dies.” It’s not his fault Apollo had a corner that didn’t care for his well being and a ref that was snoozing those final rounds, probably in awe of James Brown’s performance before the fight.

Maybe Rocky secretly wanted Apollo to die?  Maybe this was his plan all along.  Let Apollo die in the ring so he can avenge his death on Christmas in Russia.  Sounds like a retarded plan, but remember, this is Rocky Balboa we’re talking about.


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