Mother Shoots Her Daughter?


Patch – A 12-year-old girl was wounded by a ricocheting bullet Sunday evening in Banning, when her mother fired a tiny pistol she mistook for a cigarette lighter, police said. Rachel Avila, 30, told police she and her 12-year-old daughter, both of Banning, were talking with friends in front of their mobile home in the 100 block of North Phillips Avenue when Avila found what she thought was a novelty cigarette lighter, police said. The lighter resembled a miniature firearm and it was lying on the ground, Avila told police. Avila picked it up and tried to light it by pulling the trigger, police said. The first time Avila pulled the trigger, nothing happened. The second time she pulled the trigger, a .22-caliber bullet was fired, police said.”The bullet struck the ground, and then ricocheted upward and entered her daughter’s upper right arm,” the police statement said. The girl was taken to San Gorgonio Memorial, where she was treated and released, police said. The weapon Avila said resembled a cigarette lighter was identified as a North American Arms .22-caliber “derringer style” revolver, police said.

Ah a story as old as time itself. Mother finds mini gun cigarette lighter on the ground outside her trailer home. She picks it up and tries to light a cigarette with it. Turns out it’s not a lighter at all but rather a real gun. Bullet ricochets of the ground and hits her 12 year old daughter who needs to be rushed to the hospital.  Shakespeare himself couldn’t have penned a more intriguing tale of deceit, betrayal and confusion.

In all seriousness though I think I’d like to live in trailer home park for 48 hours. It’s like the Wild, Wild West. Probably get more blog material out of that than anything in the history of my life


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