Tony Kucoc Prostitution Ring?

Charlie Sheen when asked why he paid for escorts said and I am paraphrasing.

“They leave when it is over.”

Nothing wrong with hooking up with an escort from time to time it can be convenient like going through the McDonalds Drive Thru.

Toni Kukoc is a legend in Croatia and it looks like he is a legend at making it rain.

“Croatian baskteballer [sic] Toni Kukoc has shrugged his shoulders at the allegations he has been one of the “beneficiaries’ of the elite prostitution ring uncovered recently in Croatia.

‘I was in worse situations in life. What should I do? Return home to Split? Of course I will stay in Osijek,’ Kukoc told the media after his name emerged in connection with the elite prostitution ring headed by Nebojsa Perunovic Pance who was arrested last week.

Who even cares that Tony Kucoc was getting his meat wet by six Croatian hookers in some swanky motel in Eastern Europe?  I don’t.  I hope they don’t try and hammer Tony too bad on this one, he doesn’t have Michael Jordan to bail his ass out this time. 




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