Match Made in Heaven?

DailymailA mixed-race woman due to marry a white supremacist murder suspect has spoken out in support of her man. Erica Herrera, who is half Hawaiian and half Hispanic, said despite prison inmate Curtis Allgier’s frightening appearance – with tattoos of swastikas and the word ‘skinhead’ covering his face – he is ‘kinder’ and ‘gentler’ than he is publicly portrayed. ‘He’s a very sweet, loving…He’s a really kind-hearted, good person,’ she said, defending her plans to marry the man who faces the death penalty for murder. Herrera, from Sacramento, California, plans to marry Allgier, 31, in a ceremony at the Utah State Prison in Draper on August 8.

Working class half Latino woman falls in love kind-hearted man with hard exterior. It’s like Disney wrote it themselves!

Sure there’s those little details about him murdering a prison guard with his own gun and having swastikas all over his face and wanting to wed on Hitler’s birthday, but that just goes to show you the power of love. It knows no bounds. No prison walls or alleged murder or allegiance with criminal racists can keep these two apart. It was meant to be.

Unless he’s convicted. Then he’ll get the death penalty probably.


3 Responses to “Match Made in Heaven?”

  1. susan Says:

    FUCK YOU ERICA HES MINE & always will be mine! you dont have chance you wetback!

  2. themadchuck Says:

    wow, calling her a wetback. bigot.

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