Casey Anthony is Hot?

I didn’t want to have to be the one to say it but if nobody else is going to then fine. Casey Anthony is looking right these days. Not sure about that Ohio State hat but the hot librarian glasses and the tig bitties are doing it for me. I’m not saying I’m condoning any baby killing she may have assisted in during the past several years. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that for a woman who just spent 3 years in prison the bitch is lookin good. Wrecking dicks all over the place. Shit — it’s Ohio. She’s probably top 10 in the state right now.

Make that porn happen, Vivid!


7 Responses to “Casey Anthony is Hot?”

  1. DD Says:

    First two pics with the bigger boobs are not her. The last one with white t-shirt is her and other pics out there in the black t-shirt is her too. Now go find her loser so you can get some.

  2. Megan Robinson Says:

    @ DD
    You’re retarded look at the watches on the left hand of both pics the bracelets on the right and oh the matching hat. All three pics are her you fucktard

  3. The Mad Jacker Says:

    I’d kit it. Repeatedly.

  4. matt Says:

    I agree with you so much I would do the porno for free. Lol

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