CFL “Big Hit”?

This is taken from a CFL game between the Calgary WhoTheFuckCares and the Saskatchewan Doesn’tMatters, in which Calgary WR Romby Bryant gets rocked by Tristan Jackson. It’s a solid hit by Jackson where he probably knocks the wind out of Bryant, no doubt. But what worries me is that this is probably the epitome of what Roger Goodell wants hard hits in the NFL to look like.

I’ll be honest — I have no problem with the shot that Canadian Football pussy put on the other ever pussier Canadian football pussy. But it’s a far cry from the type of hits us Americans are used to. I think we all can agree that big hits that lead with the helmet are much better. I mean maybe not for the well-being of the players and the promise of full brain function and happiness later in life, but certainly for the entertainment of the game and the “OH SHIT” factor. And I’m pretty sure entertainment is the only reason the NFL exists in the first place.

I’m with James Harrison. I don’t want my kid growing up in a world where this is the hardest hit he’ll ever see.


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