Don’t Eye Her Boyfriend?


Courant – A 24-year-old woman was charged Tuesday with assaulting a 12-year-old girl the woman accused of eyeing her boyfriend. Candice Kiley, of 629 Howard Ave., New Haven, was attending a family birthday party July 23 when the incident occurred, police said. Kiley grabbed the 12-year-old by the hair and threw her to the floor, injuring the girl, police said. The girl also suffered an asthma attack, police said.Kiley’s 30-year-old boyfriend was in the kitchen cleaning up a spill when the confrontation took place, police said. Family members heard the confrontation and went to the 12-year-old’s assistance, police said.

Oh boo hoo, boo hoo the girl was only 12. Bullshit. Listen eying your man is eying your man. I don’t care what fucking age this girl is. You don’t think she’s hooking up with boys already? Definitely is. Plus more importantly what happens when this 12 year old girl becomes a woman? Then what? Then suddenly Candice Kiley has a big problem on her hands. Suddenly she’s 34 trying to compete with a 22 year old. Nope you got to squash that shit in the bud. I’ve seen too many movies where if they just killed the kid in the beginning then they would have saved themselves a shitload of problems down the road when they come for revenge. Same goes here.    You got to let that chick know it ain’t happening.   Not now.  Not ever.  Shove her shit to the ground.  Not so cute and innocent anymore when you’re having an asthma attack huh?  Nothing sexy about that.

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