I love Lindsay Lohan! Buying Drugs in Broad Daylight?

YoutubeLindsay Lohan hung out with new friends outside of Hal’s Bar & Grill in Venice Beach … not far from her home. The 25-year-old actress kept busy writing in a notebook and smoking cigarettes … while those around her kept watch. At one point, Lindsay can be seen taking a bag from a friend. Her friend checks out the contents of the bag and eventually, Lindsay takes a different bag from another guy and hands over the cash to pay for it. She then took time to chat with some young fans passing by.

Lohan!  That’s my fucking girl Lohan!  Love this bitch.  Seriously if there is one thing I can’t stand it’s celebrities who party nonstop and snort coke and chug bottles of whiskey all night every night then apologize for it when they get in trouble and say they need help.  No you don’t bro you’re a fucking celebrity.  That’s what celebrities are supposed to do.  Drink, fuck, do drugs and party.  That’s why we idolize you.  Lohan gets it.  Stick that broad in every rehab clinic and jail and prison cell in the country.  Slap an ankle bracelet on her and house arrest her.  Like she gives a fuck.  Still gonna head down to the store and buy a bag of dope from the black guy on the street corner and blow that shit .  God bless her.


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