Georgetown Fights China?

Washpost – Here is Gene Wang’s story from on the ground in China. One excerpt: What began as a goodwill trip to China for the Georgetown men’s basketball team turned violent Thursday night, when its exhibition game against the Bayi Rockets deteriorated into a melee during which players exchanged blows, chairs were thrown and spectators tossed full water bottles as Hoyas players and coaches headed to the locker room at Olympic Sports Center Stadium. You can also read an admittedly partisan account on the Georgetown message board.

It’s supposed to be an exhibition!!  Fucking Georgetown huh? Starting WWIII with China like it ain’t no thing. I know it’s impossible but HBO needs to somehow go back in time and add this to their Hoya documentary. Show some communists tanks rolling over villages and shit with Dikembe Mutombo waving his finger no, no, no like he does after a shot block. Instant gold.

PS – Who the fuck is the guy in the ping pong outfit curb stomping people?  How about fucking Bruce Lee in street clothes getting in the mix!  Dude is in cargo shorts, a white collared polo, and some Keds just fucking stomping on Jason Clark’s face.  That’s got to be some sort of suspension from the league for leaving the bench right? Or is he just a dude from the crowd? Fucking commies….

Black people fighting Asians is an amazing thing huh? Its like quality vs quantity. Black people just naturally know how to fight. They also are just naturally jacked. Black kids have six packs when they are like 6. Meanwhile Asians are fucking crazy and have strength in numbers. Like that dude is ready to legitimately stomp on someones face. He’s not holding back. Plus there’s always that possibility of kung fu and they’ve got about a billion dudes who have their back. As long as the Asians are normal sized and crazy I think they match up pretty well with black people.


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