Guy gets Jail Sentence for Giving Girlfriend Herpes?


Dailymail – The man jailed for knowingly infecting his girlfriend with herpes did so to make sure that no one else would want her, his victim said yesterday. Cara Scott accused former lover David Golding of leaving her with a ‘life sentence’ and described the knowledge that he had given her the disease as ‘soul-destroying’. The 24-year-old, from Daventry, Northamptonshire, said she hoped Golding’s 14-month sentence would serve as a ‘warning to others’. The court heard that Miss Scott became infected with the incurable sexually transmitted infection within a few months of the couple meeting, but that when she confronted Golding, he denied he was responsible. But her suspicions about where she had contracted the virus remained. Golding revealed the truth last year and admitted transmitting the infection to her. Miss Lee said: ‘I felt sick and was crying so much I couldn’t breathe. ‘He said he knew if I had it no one else would want me. I screamed, “How could you do that?” ‘I didn’t even want to look at him. But I couldn’t leave – I was convinced I would never find anybody else.’ The case – believed to be the first time a defendant has been convicted and jailed for passing on herpes – has been condemned by sexual health charities, which said the ‘trivial’ condition was being wrongly stigmatised. Around 10 per cent of the population have genital herpes.

First of all this slut can get over herself. You ain’t that hot where somebody needs to Herpetize you so you don’t leave them. You save that shit for 9’s and 10’s not 4’s. And more importantly it’s not like Herpes is aids. It doesn’t kill you. So you have a little itch. Big deal. Like if somebody tells me Kate Upton has Herpes you think I give a fuck? I’d dive right in there raw dog like you read about. Seriously even if there was condom sitting on the table I wouldn’t use it. That’s how much respect I have for Herpes. So how this guy got a jail sentence is beyond me. Bottomline is if you’re going to sue somebody for giving you a a run of the mill STD don’t fuck bareback like a ho. Pretty simple.

2 Responses to “Guy gets Jail Sentence for Giving Girlfriend Herpes?”

  1. wow...unimpressed. Says:

    Most ignorant commentary ever.
    1st-you can get herpes with or without a condom. Read up. You’ll see.
    2nd-so…married people who catch it from spouses who knowingly pass it to them (yes, it happens), are also hos? What about the people who get it from a partner who cheats? Also a ho? Or is it ONLY when they have sex without using a condom? Since someone in a relationship will trust that their partner is being honest with them…that makes them a ho? Just like this girl…this is her FIANCE. Her having sex with him with or without protection is irrelevant. Nor does it make her a “ho”.
    3rd-some people actually have HUGE health issues from herpes. It’s not just an itch. Some people don’t have ANY symptoms. It varies, person to person.
    4th-while this is “run of the mill”, it’s still very life changing. Some people deal with it better than others, and I agree that this pressing charges shit is stupid. But, it is what it is…and it IS a virus that lasts an entire lifetime.
    5th-the risk of a man catching it from a woman is WAY lower than a woman catching it from a man. So, go ahead and bareback. Since normally, you’re not going to catch it the first time.
    6th- 1 out of 4 women have it. So, if you’ve had sex with 4 women, you’ve most likely been exposed to the risk. Whether or not you’ve used condoms every time. And a LOT of people don’t tell their partner b/c they believe that they can’t pass it with a rubber (like you).

    Here’s a question…How PISSED would you be if you caught it from someone who didn’t tell you? I’m gonna bet that you’d be wishing death on that girl. And you’d probably call her a slut and a whore and whatever else, but, the fact remains that you CHOSE to have sex with her. And she CHOSE to put you at risk without giving you the choice of whether you were willing to dive in knowing that information.

    PLEASE go do some research.

    And yes…before you go on some rant and rave about how you bet I have herpes…the answer’s yes. I got it from a boyfriend that I was with for 2 years. Who did NOT disclose his status to me.

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