Gangsta Mullet?

This is incredible. Completely speechless right now. “Business in the front, gangsta in the back.” I ain’t never see a thug mullet before, and you know what, I think I just found my new hairstyle.

It might take a few months to grow the back of my hair long enough to pull off getting it rowed, but all good things are worth waiting for. This shit is so fantastically hood it’s not even funny. I say laid. No way chicks aren’t swimming in their panties after rubbing their hands through the smooth yet textured skull of this business-smart young man. Smart phone? Check. Tie? Check. Secret back-of-the-head cornrows? Checkmate.

PS – Totally reminds me of the great Jerry Rice. Ahead of his time on the field and ahead of his time with the hair game. JRoll and McNabb came close, but they couldn’t touch what Jerry did.


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