White Michael Vick?

 This was posted on espn.com.  Are you shitting me, ESPN?  What point are you trying to get across with this pasty-ass photoshopped, whitewashed, picture of Michael Vick.  He looks like a brother of one of the girls from White Chicks.  I’m sorry but the world is not ready for a blue eyed Vick. 

But honestly I can’t stop staring at this thing. Partly because it looks absolutely ridiculous, but mostly because I know a guy that looks just like this. Is my friend the white Michael Vick? I think my friend is the white Michael Vick.

My brain just blew up in my skull.

UPDATE: ESPN removed the whiteface Vick picture. Probably because it was stupid.
UPDATEUPDATE: Kevin Love? Everlast? Goatee Tebow? David Wright? Who else?
UPDATE^3: We have a winner. Brian Austin Green. Thanks for playing.

Fuck a white Michael Vick.  I prefer a black Tom Brady.

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