Wooden Ipod?


NYDailyNews – A South Carolina woman claims she purchased what she thought was an iPad, but it turned out to just be a block of painted wood with an Apple logo. Ashley McDowell, 22, told officers from the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s office that she was in a McDonald’s parking lot Monday night when two men approached her and offered to sell her the glitzy tablet computer.The men – one of whom had a gold tooth – claimed they bought the iPads in bulk and were selling them for just $300, well below their $499 list price, according to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun. When McDowell explained that she only had $180, the two men quickly relented – and offered to sell the iPad at a further discount. McDowell only discovered the scam when she got home and opened the FedEx box and found that her “iPad” was a piece of wood.The scammers painted the “screen,” framed it with black tape, and then pasted on replica iPad icons for a web browser, email inbox and photo gallery. They also slapped on a fake Best Buy sales ticket, according to the police report.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Ashley McDowell is lying about the way this went down. As impossible as it is to believe I think she saw the Ipad/hunk of wood before she bought it which makes her the dumbest human being alive. The alternative is that she just trusted a couple random dudes with gold teeth in a McDonald’s parking lot which would also make her the dumbest human being alive. But I think this bitch looked at it. Why else would these criminal masterminds have dolled the thing all up if it was just sitting in a box? Even they knew nobody would buy it sight unseen.  Nope she fucking saw this Ipod and thought it was real. I’m not sure what to even say to that. Like if you get tricked into buying a wooden Ipod in a Mickey D’s parking lot do me a favor and keep your mouth shut about it. Have a little bit of self respect.   No need to go blabbing about it and draw attention to the fact you’re the biggest moron on the planet.  Seriously does this lady have no shame?


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