Notre Dame Sucks?


I got to be honest. Usually I puke at stories like these. Oh the coach is too mean, blah, blah, blah. But for once I’m on the National Catholic Register and National Review’s side. My only complaint is that they didn’t go far enough. It’s not just that Brian Kelly needs to be fired because he’s an asshole, but rather that ND needs to stop playing football all together. They are an absolute disgrace to the game. An embarrassment to the sport. Like if I was catholic I’d be ashamed of my religion after watching these guys play football. Every fucking year we have to listen to idiotic experts talk about how ND has a real shot to run the table. Every fucking year they are lucky to go 4-6. Yet somehow they have their own TV deal. They still think they are too cool to join the Big 10. It just sends the wrong message about life to everybody. That is you don’t work hard and just plain suck it doesn’t matter. People will keep giving you chance after chance after chance. Listen ND is a joke. Their fans are a joke. Their coach is a joke. They haven’t had a good season since the dark ages. The sooner people realize this the better off they’ll be. Luckily for America poor little ND has to go play at the undefeated Wolverines this week in Ann Arbor. Yes the same Wolverines who have never in the history of the school lost a game under the lights. Yes the same Michigan Wolverines who have never in the history of the school lost to ND under Brady Hoke. So if ND won’t end the program on their own we’ll end it for them. Whachya Gonna Do Jerry Thornton When Hokemania runs wild on you!


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