Rob Ryan on His Brother’s Foot Fetish

NFL – Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wasn’t playing footsie with reporters Monday when he addressed questions surrounding his brother’s foot fetish. The controversy spilled in December when a foot-fetish video allegedly of Rex Ryan’s wife, Michelle, surfaced on the internet. When asked about it, Rob was candid with his answers. ”Aw, hell … Who cares?” he said Monday, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Believe me, everybody has whatever screwed up thing going on. I don’t care. I’m sure you do, and everybody else that points fingers. Who cares? Everybody has a life off the field. Who gives a crap? I’m sure I’m worse than he is. So big deal.” Rex has never discussed the alleged video, but Rob all but confirmed its authenticity with his response to a question about the matter going public. “I mean, hell, he is a little freaky I guess,” Rob said. “Hell, I don’t know. I like everything about my wife. She got great feet, too. She got everything nice. What the hell?”

I want Rob Ryan on the Jets so fucking bad it makes me wanna get fat and have sex with my own feet just so I can be like the Ryan twins. The dynamic duo of Rex and Rob would not only be one of the best defensive coaching tandems on the field, but it would also be the greatest show off the field the NFL has ever seen. Two overweight loud mouth identical goons just talking shit and having a blast. Greatest tag team since The Rock N Sock Connection.

Gotta love the Family First mentality here. My brother could get caught doing literally anything and I’d be like “Ahhh so what? We’ve all got some skeletons in our closet.” But I love that he adds that little disclaimer in his second quote. “I mean, hell, he is a little freaky.” Like “Yea I mean I guess he is a sexual deviant, but whatevs.” Because you know that Rob has a million other stories that are running through his head. Yea, sure, there was the time he and his wife got a little kinky with the foot fetish. But you should have seen what he did with Suzie Smith on the playground in 4th grade. You don’t even wanna know what happened with his prom date in the bathroom of the party bus. Freshman year of college he did things that were illegal in 48 states. Bottom line is Rex Ryan has been crushing pussy and ass and feet and all sorts of other body parts probably since the day he hit puberty. Rob Ryan ain’t phased by seeing his bro on camera playing This Little Piggy.

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