You Mad Bro?

PAINESVILLE, OhioKirtland crushed Painesville Harvey during Friday night’s high school football game, but it was what happened after the game that has people talking. “At the conclusion of the game, some of their students and parents put up a sign that we believe was racial intimidation, ethnic intimidation,” said Roderick Coffee, president of the Lake County chapter of the NAACP, who was also at the game. ”For them to put it up there that was bad sportsmanship, too,” Painesville Harvey football player, Jerome Becks said. The big sign read: ‘You Mad Bro.’ ”I think the reference to ‘bro’ in the sign definitely has a racial connection to it,” said Michael Hanlon, superintendent for Painesville City Schools. No doubt, the sign offended people. But some don’t believe it was meant to be racist. “I really don’t. I think the kids were just trying to say, ‘Are you mad?’ But you still don’t need to put a sign up like that, and there’s so many parents that felt the same way I did,” Kirtland parent, Edie Cymbal said. According to the Urban Dictionary, which is basically the online Wikipedia of slang, the phrase ‘you mad bro?’ means “To make a ragin [sic] person rage even more by asking the most ironic question.” To use an older slang phrase, kicking someone when they are down. Kirtland High School Principal Lynn Campbell says there will be a thorough investigation. ”Any mal-intent at any game no matter where, is not supported, you know, the lack of sportsmanship, from taunting to insensitivity,” Campbell said.

Um, why’s this big debate still going? It says it right there in plain English. We checked Urban Dictionary. Urban Dictionary is gospel. “To make a ragin person rage even more by asking the most ironic question.” Boom. Case closed. Not like it says “to make a ragin N-bomb rage even more by asking all the N-bombs the most ironic question.” If Urban Dictionary doesn’t make any reference to any racial content, then it ain’t racist.

I can’t believe there are even people out there that think “Bro” refers to black people any more. You literally could not be further from the truth. I know that in the past people used to call black guys “bros” and “brothas” but Bros nowadays are the least black people of all time. They play lacrosse and talk about who has longer, nicer hair. Its like the word gay. Gay used to mean homosexual. Now it means stupid, annoying, or not fun. Retarded used to mean you have down syndrome. Now it just means you’re an idiot. Bro used to mean black guy but now its really just a word you put on the end of a sentence to try and piss people off. “Nice try, bro.” “Sorry, bro” “Really, bro?”

To be honest I think all the activists of these groups are just pissed off that they aren’t important enough to have derogatory slang terms. I think its a good thing “gay” doesn’t mean “faggot” anymore. It shows that people being gay is so prevalent now that people can throw around the word gay without feeling guilty. If people were really still homophobic they wouldn’t call their buddy gay when they said “Nah man, I’m not drinking tonite. I gotta be up early for work.” And I think the gay rights activists realize they are losing their niche in the social equality game so they still put up a fuss about the word. I think the NAACP realizes that white people and black people get along pretty well now and if they don’t put up a fuss over the word “bro” they don’t have any reason to exist either. And finally the National Association of Retarded Folks realize that “retard” doesn’t refer to Corky anymore and they’re fucked too.

Bottom line is its really fucking gay and retarded to think that everyone is racist or prejudice for using slang terms. Times change, language changes. Deal with it, bro.


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