Black Kids Names?

So, it was Friday night… And since we have no money and don’t receive government handouts, we have to hang out on a Friday night like we are still in college. Chip in on some pizza, watch a football game, drink a few beers. You guys get the idea.

My friend’s wife joined the festivities and sat down with a beer and decided to grade her kids work. She is a teacher in the public school system. I believe she teaches fifth grade (or in this case, “fif grade”).

Well I said, “this should be an exciting social experiment.” And as you might guess: Kristen = 97, Charlotte = 93, Ben = 100, David = 89, Qoran = 57, Dontravius = 40, Passion = 61, and the best of the best…… dun dun dunnn…… Abcd = 73. (No, I didn’t stutter!  Homeboy is  named Abcd. Pronounced ah-bee-cuh-dee). Black people, please stop naming your kids stupid names!


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