Mom of the Year?

NY PostA Long Island mom was arrested after encouraging two 12-year-old girls to fight outside an elementary school — then beating up another child who was watching — after word of the fight erupted on Facebook, authorities said today. Daphne Melin, 32, egged on the brawl outside William Floyd Elementary School in Shirley on Sunday afternoon, Suffolk County cops said. Police said Melin “made no effort to stop the fight.” Melin bought her 12-year-old girl to the fight and that the kid “was having a dispute on Facebook for awhile with another girl” — who did not show up for the fight, said Suffolk Det. Lt. Timothy Dillon.  “It just seems to have been a personality conflict. At some point, they decided to have a fight” at 3 p.m., said Dillon. A crowd of kids, drawn by a posting on Facebook, also arrived. “When it came time for the fight, Melin drove her to the elementary school” — but “another girl … a friend, stood in” for the girl who did not appear. Melin “was encouraging one of the girls to hurt and attack the other girl,” said Dillon. He said one girl in the crowd scolded Melin, saying, “You shouldn’t be doing this. You should be breaking up the fight.” Suffolk cops said Melin pushed the kid to the ground, then kicked her in the head and neck.

Let me tell you what would have happened if Daphne Melin didn’t step in here. Her 12 year old daughter would have continued to squabble over the internet on facebook. Posting mean statuses, tweeting cruel pictures to all their classmates. Making up lies and rumors and posting them all over the internet for the whole school to see. Daphne’s daughter would probably develop an eating disorder because a rumor about her cottage cheese ass spread around school. The other girl would become a slut because she desperately wanted to disprove the rumors that she was a dead fish in the sack. Fast forward 10 years and Daphne’s daughter starves herself to death and the other girl is pregnant, doesn’t know who the father is, addicted to drugs and riddled with STDs.

Would we all prefer that outcome? Would we all prefer these two girls to starve themselves and fuck themselves to death all because they couldn’t handle the constant online torment? No. Nobody wants that. Especially Daphne Melin. Lets just hash this out like real women and kick each other in the face and in the neck. Get all your issues off your chest and assault each other with physical violence. Because the wounds from being kicked in the throat heal after a few days. But the scars from emotional torment over the internet can last a life time.


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