Groping Flight Attendants?

ArbroathA 25-year-old woman drank almost a pint of whisky before groping a Virgin Airways steward and demanding sexual intercourse, it was alleged. Katherine Goldberg, who works in education, was on a flight from South Africa to Heathrow when she drunkenly assaulted the crew member by grabbing his penis, it was claimed. She consumed the whisky on the August flight when the assault happened, Uxbridge Magistrates Court was told. Stella Waata, prosecuting, said: “The circumstances are that Miss Goldberg was on a flight from South Africa to Heathrow and she was drunk whilst on the airplane. “She proceeded to sexually assault one of the crew members by demanding to have sex with him and grabbing his penis and crotch area. She was believed to have drunk at least 50 centilitres of whisky.” She added: “I understand what representations are to be made in relation to the charge of sexual assault.” Ms Goldberg’s lawyer applied to adjourn the case to make representations in relation to the charge of sexual assault and asked that Ms Goldberg receive a caution. Mr Brennan said: “The purpose of my application is so that we can raise our representations with the Crown. I wish to raise representations in relation to one of the charges, that matters are dealt with by way of a caution rather than continuing with the court proceedings.” Agreeing to the adjournment, Miss Waata said: “I understand what representations are to be made in relation to the charge of sexual assault. Given the circumstances, I understand Miss Goldberg works in education, a short adjournment of one week would not be disagreeable.” Miss Goldberg, of Ealing Common, west London, is charged with one count of sexual assault on a male and another of being drunk in an aircraft. She was granted unconditional bail until her next appearance at the same court on 22 September.

Oh my Lord, she drank FIFTY CENTILITRES of whiskey?? That’s crazy. My limit is 30 centilitres and 50 millilitres MAX. This chick was doing some serious metric boozing.

Katherine Goldberg must be new to flying. Because anyone who has ever flown anywhere with a male flight attendant knows those guys are gayer than a San Francisco jail. How is it possible that an adult human being doesn’t know this? It must be her first time.

It’s just amazing how creating a mystique around something can change people’s attitudes toward it. Like somebody just made up the phrase “mile high club” and now it’s a thing. Now people are getting arrested trying to make insertion happen in that shoebox they call a airplane bathroom just to wear this invisible “mile high club” badge on their chest. I wonder if this can be applied to other scenarios. Like can we as men just invent a “workplace bathroom club” or “give me a bj while i’m falling asleep club”? I don’t see why there have to be restrictions.


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