Robert Stephens from George Washington Law is Absurd?

Have you ever seen someone trying so hard to get arrested? Dude stands there with his hands behind his head and his back for like 20 minutes and the Cops just don’t give a shit. Dude is just begging to get taken away and nobody even gives a fuck.

Hey Robert Stephens with a PH, you’re in law school at George Washington. Your parents have Ph.Ds and masters degrees. There’s about a billion people in this world who would kill to be you. And they sure as shit would do more with their time than throwing hissy fits in the middle of the day crying for attention.

PS – Lets cut the shit with this “Civil Disobedience.” You’re not MLK. You’re just an attention whore.


One Response to “Robert Stephens from George Washington Law is Absurd?”

  1. Michael Scott Says:

    This is not civil disobedience in any way, shape or form. Leaders such as MLK, Ghandi and Mandela did not scream in the middle of street asking to get arrested. Their actions of non-violence spoke louder than words and stood for something greater than themselves.

    As a law student at GWU, Robert Stephens should know better that his actions were not in accordance with civil disobedience, and rather contrary to the belief of nonviolence.

    As a law graduate, why not practice law in the court to make a difference? Well, its a little late for that now. A police record and proof of his poor actions will haunt him when applying for a job. Now, he’s just another black man with a record. Nice job Robert Stephens with a PH.

    Maybe, you should have gotten a PHD.

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