Ex Model Murderer, Denied Parole?

LOS ANGELES The former model convicted of killing her husband, boiling his head, frying his hands and nibbling his ribs with barbeque sauce was denied parole at a prison hearing Wednesday. Omaima Nelson, who told a psychiatrist she dressed in a red hat, red heels and red lipstick during her 12-hour dismemberment “trance,” appeared before prison officials in Chowchilla, Calif., claiming she’s a reformed born-again Christian. Authorities didn’t bite and set her next parole hearing for 2026. Her grisly murder of William E. Nelson, 56, over Thanksgiving weekend in 1991 has been likened to an act by the cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lector of the movie “The Silence of the Lambs,” released earlier that year. ”There were suitcases and plastic bags soaked with dark liquid from his body parts. In the fry cooker there sat Mr. Nelson’s hands, and we opened the refrigerator, there was Mr. Nelson’s head with stab wounds,” Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Randolph J. Pawloski told the Los Angeles Times. ”She had his entrails in his Corvette, and she was trying to get an ex-boyfriend to yank out the dentures from the head so she could dump it in the Back Bay,” he said.  Prosecutors said the Egyptian-born woman stabbed her newlywed husband with scissors, hacked him up, ground portions of his body in a garbage disposal and likely plotted to flee with his cash and credit cards. Omaira Nelson, who was 23 at the time, admitted frying the hands to remove the fingerprints. She also mixed some of his body parts with leftover Thanksgiving turkey to hide them in the trash, prosecutors said. Her psychiatrist said she confessed to her bizarre red outfit and also told him she dipped the victim’s “tender” ribs in “sweet” sauce. ”I did his ribs just like in a restaurant,” Dr. David Sheffer quoted her saying. Her original defense lawyer said he thought she deserved mercy.

Model? This bitch is gross. She’s got a crease right down the middle of her face. See that? What the fuck is that about? I mean I guess back in 91 when she committed this murder she was better looking than she is not. Has that “dark skin with the afro” look that all of Will Smith’s girls had on Fresh Prince. But no thanks. Not my type. I like tall white girls with dark hair who don’t dismember me and boil my head.

I’m not trying to be prejudice. It’s just diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks. If you put two girls in front of me and said “here’s option A) cute brunette who likes to party and B) Egyptian model who may murder you in cold blood, fry your hands to get rid of finger prints and dip your ribs in sweet sauce like you’re eating at Dallas fucking BBQ, well then bubble in A on the scantron folks.

But I’m sure there’s some fellas out there who like their meat a little darker and a little bit homicidal/cannibalistic. Maybe Mo from Barstool Philly. Maybe the next Ask A Black Blogger should be “Hey Mo would you fuck an Egyptian Model Cannibal


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