Got Swag?



Well it appears we did our job at Clemson.  We made sure people knew swag matters.  Listen obviously it sucks that Tjah Boyd hurt his hip and possibly hurt the hopes of the Clemson Tigers to make a national title run with an easily preventable injury.  But did you watch the game?  Bro had unstoppable swag.  Like at no point could you ever question his swag levels.  So you tell me would you rather have a loser QB with an unbroken hip or a QB with swag to infinity?   I mean have you seen quarterbacks wearing hip pads before?  No swag.  Andrew Luck.   Hip pads.  What does he have?  #1 draft spot and possible Heisman Trophy.  No swag.  Stanford square.  Easy decision in my book.  When it comes down to the choice of swag or no swag you take swag 10 billion

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