She’s a Pimp?

ABC News A Cobb County woman is accused of marrying her second husband before she divorced her first. But it wasn’t until she allegedly tried to steal a $49,000 truck that she was caught. Diane Tucker, 48, married Edwin Windelberg in Gwinnett County Jan. 16, 2004, according to an arrest warrant obtained by the AJC. Then on April 19, 2007, Tucker married Cesar Alexandro Saldivar in Cobb County. But Tucker didn’t divorce Windelberg until April 7th, 2008, nearly a year after becoming another man’s bride, according to the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. When Tucker completed an application for a marriage license in Cobb County probate court, she allegedly stated she had been married one time and that she had divorced in 2001, the arrest warrant states. Saldivar realized in 2009 that Tucker was allegedly married to two men at the same time. Authorities discovered the crime Oct. 6, the day after Tucker was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a pickup truck.

I would love nothing more than to get Edwin Windelberg and Cesar Alexandro Salidivar in a room together and just let them discuss the fact that they let this behemoth play them and divorce them. Just to see and hear what type of men could get caught up in a love triangle with her. They’ve got to be disfigured or retarded or something, right? No normal, capable red blooded men would willingly marry this yeti. Had to be done under duress. She looks like the fucking Stay Puft marshmallow man for God’s sake.


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