Gayest Dude Ever?

Not the guy who got suspended. But pretend he is, makes it 10 times better

Newser) – Security footage of a Texas teen kissing another boy got him suspended from school and thrown off the cheerleading squad, he tells KPLC-TV. The teen believes school officials deliberately sought to catch him in the act. “They never check cameras for anything unless something is stolen,” he says. “I’m sure we were the only ones, sexual orientation wise, being caught like that.” Had it been a girl he was kissing, things would have been different, he says. “In this school, kissing is everywhere,” and if that meant a suspension, “half the school would be suspended.” Administrators have told the boy’s family that the decision is being reviewed, the parents say. If he’s not returned to the cheerleading squad, they plan additional action.

When you’re so gay that you get kicked off the cheerleading team, you need to pump the brakes. Seriously just pump your gay ass brakes. Cheerleading is like the gayest thing of all time. Its about dancing and smiling and doing splits. Those are 3 of the five most homosexual things on the planet. Dancing, smiling, doing splits, giving blowjobs and anal sex. So when the school is like “Sorry buddy, you’re just too homo for this cheer squad” you really gotta look at yourself in the mirror and question your lifestyle


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