A real witch or a real bitch?


Dailymail A prison chaplain has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting an inmate at the Wisconsin state prison in Oshkosh. Jamyi Witch, 52, who is a Wiccan chaplain, appeared in Winnebago County court on Friday. Witch is accused of drugging the inmate and performing sex acts on him during a staged hostage incident. She is also charged with delivery of narcotics. She told police she was taken hostage and the inmate wouldn’t let her out of her office. She said she was sexually assaulted by the prisoner. Court records, however, show the two knew each other and that they staged the incident. She is accused of drugging him and performing sex acts on him. Witch, who is wheelchair-bound, was hired in 2001 by Wisconsin’s Oshkosh Correctional Institution to be their first-ever Wiccan prison chaplain.

Yawn. If I had a nickel for every time I heard a story about a handicapped witch whose last name was witch staging a fake hostage situation in prison and raping an inmate I’d be a rich man by now. Shit is dime a dozen. More importantly a witch tried to make out with me last week at our Halloween party in Salem. Not even joking. I let her read my fortune early in the night and then gave her a big ass tip. Well at the end of the night I saw her walking out and she came over and tried to stick her tongue down my throat. Ask Sales guy. He saw the whole thing. I was like slow down wtich. I’m a married man and frankly you’re kind of gross looking. Damn slut witches. I guess in hindsight I’m lucky she didn’t put a spell on me and just rape the shit out of my ass, but it was damn close. Fucking got the witch kovorka like a motherfucker.

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