Crime Syndicate?

CBSGEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) — Three generations of a Sussex County family have been charged after a drug investigation by state and local police. Officers executed a search warrant Friday at a home in Georgetown and seized 32 pounds of marijuana and 49 guns— including handguns, semi-automatic rifles, long guns and muzzle loaders. Police also confiscated drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs, ammunition and cash. Four people are facing numerous charges related to drug dealing. They are: 62-year-old Richard Banks Sr; his son and daughter, 41-year-old Richard Banks Jr. and 39-year-old Tabitha Banks; and Tabitha’s 20-year-old daughter, Ashley Banks. Richard Banks Sr. is not yet in custody but has been charged in a warrant.

What the ffffuck is goin on with this dude’s hair?

I’m straight dumbfounded.  Is that a mid-80′s top-of-the-head ponytail on a fat 62 year-old drug and weapons kingpin?  Like it wouldn’t be that big of a shocker if this was the mugshot for a guy who got caught molesting preteen cub scouts or stealing Barbies from a Wilmington Toys R Us, but to have this as the face of a large-scale drug and weapons operation is BAFFLING.  Richard Banks Jr must be the coldest motherfucker in the history of the arms game to get away with a look like that.  I’m talkin like several dozen bodies under his belt along with countless pistol whips.  Like the moment you say “Hey what’s up with the ponyta–” you get pistol whipped.  No way he could keep his family stash house holding 32 POUNDS of pot, pills, guns, and cash safe without having a ridiculously violent rep.   “Rich Banks washed his ponytail with the tears of my kidnapped mother and sister before he killed them.” Gotta be hundreds of stories like that.


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