Skinny Black Guys and Fat White Chicks?

Here’s the million dollar question, why do black guys date fat white women?   I don’t think there’s any easy way to answer this question.  I’ve seen it a billion times, a young, athletic black guy walking around the mall holding hands with some chunky ass white chick.  Brothers love that shit.  I know some white girls that don’t even have scales in their houses.  They know they are gaining weight when black guys start hitting on them.

I have no problem with “thick” women.  It’s fat women that make me sick.  And trust me, there’s a huge difference between thick and fat. 



Now look at this brother in the above picture.  Like what the fuck is he doing?   Umm….. those chicks are fucking disgusting, bro.   Moreover, why the fuck are they wearing lingerie?  And look at this dude just cheesin for the camera.  I would like to smack that smirk off his face.   This is disgusting.  I mean, look at that gut on the chick in the red.  Now that’s a gut that you have to work for.  That’s years of fast food and/or Entenmann’s cupcakes.  You’re not “thick”, “big boned”, “BBW”, or whatever you wanna call yourself, you’re fat.  Period.  You have high blood pressure, you’re probably going to get diabetes, and if the diabetes don’t get you, a heart attack surely will.  Oh, go ahead call me mean.  I don’t give a shit.  Fat girls aren’t real people. 

Do black guys do this because fat chicks are easy?  Or do they like fucking fat chicks?  Or is it because they are broke, and fat chicks have good credit?  I really don’t know.  I’m sorry but If you’re girlfriend outweighs you, you have a fucking problem.


2 Responses to “Skinny Black Guys and Fat White Chicks?”

  1. STEVEN EZE Says:

    seriously i need a fat white chick for a friend. am a nigerian, very energetic, black and tall.

    any interested chick: +2347062436861, or

    here frm u soon!

  2. $hort dogg Says:

    Its because no white dudes want those hoes so brothers is quick to jump on em.

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