Cocaine Kingpin?

azcentral DETROIT – An 87-year-old Indiana man arrested in Michigan with 104 bricks of cocaine in his pickup truck has told a judge he was forced at “gunpoint” to carry the load. During a boisterous appearance in court Monday, Leo Sharp had trouble keeping quiet. The Michigan City, Ind., man was released on bond, three days after he was stopped for improper lane use while driving alone on Interstate 94 near Chelsea, 60 miles west of Detroit. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration state troopers with the help of a drug-sniffing dog discovered 104 brick-sized objects of cocaine Friday. A criminal complaint signed by a DEA agent is thin on details, and there was no mention in court about Sharp’s destination. Outside court, Sharp told The Associated Press that he’s innocent. Sharp was charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute cocaine. If convicted, he faces at least ten years in prison.


I’ve just lost all respect for the city of Detroit. This is absolutely pathetic. How are the people of that city seriously gonna complain about getting hit too hard by the faltering economy when there are 87 year-old grandpas with 104 kilos of coke running the streets? How is it possible that the Motor City isn’t the Miami of the midwest right now if dudes like Earl Sharp can become cocaine kingpins?

If this story isn’t the firing of the starter’s pistol for everybody in the greater Detroit area to get their hands on some Colombian gold then they don’t have a capitalist bone in their bodies. There is too money to be made out there to complain about losing some shitty fender-melding job at the GM plant. “Oh, there’s not enough police around and my neighborhood is nothing but abandoned houses.” Sounds like prime crack real estate to me. Decrepit-ass 87 year-old men with 104 bricks of cocaine? Half of the city should have at least 10 grand in 20′s in a shoebox under their bed.

It’s called ambition, Detroit. Earl Sharp has it. It’s time for you to get some, too.

PS – Only 10 years for 104 bricks of cocaine?  Damn, Michigan.


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