Occupy Oakland?

OaklandPolice arrested more than 100 people during a night of clashes with Occupy Oakland protesters throughout the city’s downtown area. The scene finally cleared after midnight Wednesday, but police were on alert in case crowds returned. Oakland’s interim police chief, Howard Jordan, said arrests were continuing and that the total number might rise. Eight-five of those arrests were made Tuesday night, when officers raided the Occupy Oakland encampment on Frank Ogawa Plaza at City Hall, along with an annex in a park near Lake Merritt.  Jordan justified his department’s use of tear gas. “We were in a position where we had to deploy gas in order to stop the crowd and people from pelting us with bottles and rocks,” he said. Protesters had also thrown paint “and other agents” at officers, he added. The crowd reached about 1,000 people at its peak, Jordan said, noting that police used bean bag rounds to disperse demonstrators. He said no rubber bullets were used — a claim disputed by protesters.

Occupy Oakland lasted about 30 seconds until police were like “Uhhhh this is motherfucking OAKLAND just shoot these assholes and gas them until they go home.” Zucotti Park in the Financial District of Manhattan is one thing. Business men and women walking to work in the morning. Nice apartments in a quiet neighborhood of New York City. But Oakland is a horse of a difference color. A black, dangerous, violent horse. Police in Oakland don’t have time to stand around some park listening to hipsters and hippies play the bongos and chant for free money. They’ve got real life murderers and shit to hunt down. Drug addicts and gang members have been “occupying” Oakland long before these crybabies. They just blasted these people with bean bags and gas and told them to take their whiny asses across the bay to San Fran where they tolerate this nonsense.


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