Worst Mother Ever, Like Seriously, Ever!

NYDNA raunchy Pennsylvania woman was arrested for giving her inmate boyfriend a bus token of her affection during a mass transit tryst. Amanda Confer, 24, was caught on a security video having sex with her significant other while riding on a city bus in Montoursville, Pa., according to a police report unearthed by TheSmokingGun.com. The woman turned her infant daughter over to another inmate while she gave Randell Peterson, 32, the ride of his life in the back of the bus on Aug. 26, said the police report filed earlier this month. Peterson and jail pal Joshua Schill were riding the bus as part of a work-release program that allows inmates to leave the county jail at specific times. Peterson alerted girlfriend Confer to his schedule, and the pair were soon sitting together in the last row of seats. The couple began hugging and kissing before things turned hot and heavy, police said. Confer initially performed oral sex on Peterson before sitting on his lap as the camera recorded everything and Schill watched the little girl from a row away.

On the one hand this chick is the worst mother of all time. Just handing off her baby to a convict on a public bus like she’s a football. But on the other hand she’s the greatest girlfriend of all time. The old back of the bus blowjob while on work release is enough to earn you a gold star as a girlfriend. That always worked in 7th grade when your class was on a field trip to see the Liberty Bell and it sure as fuck works when you’re 32 years old, incarcerated, and you’ve only got limited time outside the confines of prison. Somehow I think that all just evens out and Amanda Confer is a pretty decent broad in my book.

PS – Can you imagine a giant black man unzipping his bright orange jail-issued one piece and whipping out his dick for some white woman on a bus? Why, yes I can, KFC. Its just about 9 out of every 10 porn movies I’ve ever watched.


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