The White Supremacist?

(DailyMail)- The tattoos that covered a man’s face show the hate that was once in his heart. Bryon Widner was one of America’s most violent and well known white supremacists, and his heavily-tattooed face displayed it proudly. After shunning his racist beliefs, he was still unable to hold work because of his facial scarring, and went through a long and complicated journey to have the tattoos removed, in hopes of truly starting his life anew. After 25 surgeries that took a total of 16 months to complete, Mr Widner’s past is now gone from view, leaving him a happy father and employed member of society.

Hey listen don’t get me wrong, racism is a bad thing. I make racially insensitive jokes for a living but they’re just that, they’re jokes. But someone walking around who actually thinks an entire race should be wiped out or whatever is really fucked up. Now having said that, isn’t 25 surgeries over 16 months a little much? Like after the doc told you how much it was gonna hurt wouldn’t you just be like, “Eh fuck it, black people can’t swim and Jews are cheap,” run a trimmer over your head, then go throw a Molotov cocktail through a church window? Jesus, I could convince myself to hate my grandmother if it meant avoiding 16 months on unimaginable pain. Never mind a random group of people I’ve never met.


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