Act Less Gay?

(Telegraph) – School pupils being bullied for their sexuality were advised by teachers to act “less gay” to make life easier for themselves, according to a report. Other children were allegedly told to wear their hair differently if they wanted to avoid being picked on. The advice emerged in a report for Essex County Council following a specialist conference for more than 250 teachers and pupils who talked of their day-to-day experiences in schools. The report said some experiences reveal teachers were insensitive to the needs of bullied youngsters and claims some educators had received “very little” training in dealing with the challenges they face. According to the “Anti Bullying Work” report, prepared for a council meeting this week, youngsters were asked about what would help make them feel safer in schools because “there was an overriding feeling that our current practices are having a minimal effect.”

I don’t have a problem with the gays, at all. Every gay dude I’ve met is a cool guy. But is telling gay guys to tone it down a bit really that bad an idea? Enough “being yourself,” just fit in. Really isn’t that hard. I’m a fucking social chameleon. Wherever you go you’d think that’s where I grew up. Hanging out with a few black kids? Better believe I’m throwing out hood handshakes and subtly sneaking rap lines into everything I say. Hanging out down south? I’ll slip a little twang into my voice. What I’m saying is that if you don’t want to get bullied, then fall in line. I don’t go out acting like myself. Fuck, I don’t even know what “myself” is. I go out acting in whichever fashion won’t get my ass kicked. Avoiding an ass-whooping is not walking around the hallways in in skinny jeans singing Glee songs. Tone down the exotic colors, act a little less flamboyant, and maybe you’ll be out of that locker by the time Drama Club meets.


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