Justin Beiber the Baby Daddy?


So everybody has been sending me these pictures. This is supposedly Mariah Yeater. AKA the bitch that Biebs knocked up before one of his concerts. Well I guess the Bieber baby daddy rumors were fun while they lasted. I mean no way this chick fucked Beiber.  At least not the bitch in the 1st and 3rd photo.  I mean I could fucking nail that slut. You don’t need to be a mega star to knock up elephants. Anybody can do that. Just no fucking way Bieber is letting a pig like that anywhere near his golden pubeless cock. No fucking chance. Kid only fucks dime pieces. Fact.   Now as far as the chick in the 2nd and 4th photos?  Well I don’t know about her? Yeah I know it’s the same girl, but it’s not.    Wait.  Now I’m confused.   Bieber take me away….


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